Saudi Arabia's Special Warning to Photographers During Ibadah..!!


The Saudi government in charge of Hajj and Umrah has called on pilgrims to sacred places to respect the dignity of the places.

And they should follow the rules in attaching the pictures.

The agency said that the pilgrims should not be distracted by taking pictures, instead of focusing on the worship that took them to the holy land.

Then she explained that the pilgrims should not stop to take pictures in the places where many people have gathered, because according to her, this leads to overcrowding in the places.

Also, Saudi Arabia has warned the photographers to avoid including other people in their photos, those who do not have names, to make sure that they ask for their permission before taking them, or if they take the photo alone, they will not be confused with the public.

In this period, people have developed the style of taking pictures during the pilgrimage to the holy land and posting them on social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter etc.

The event that some scholars believe can be 'Riya', which according to the scholars can harm the people of their worship, that is why the country has warned those who take the pictures.

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