Yaum Taklif(Puberty Day) holds in Yola |


On Sunday 28/3/2021, children of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria leads by Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky who attained the age of 'Taklif' puberty were instructed on obligations for another phase of life and units of prayers were led with lectures on different of aspect of Islamic knowledge for those who attained the age of buberty. 

Details here:

The program began yesterday Saturday 27/3/2021 and ended today Sunday 28/3/2021 at Fudiyya Academy located at Jimeta, Yola.

Before the unit of prayers, Malam Usman Sa'ad and Malama Aisha Idris delivered lectures to the children who came from diffetent parts of the of Yola. They called on the children towards oberving the Islamic rights for the fact that they have now entered into a new life in which religious obligations become incumbent upon them. All their actions will now be recorded, he said.

They further instructed them that, they are now accountable for any actions they do and such they should act in accordane with  God's order and avoid His prohibitions.

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