_It is hypocritical and monstrous to tag Sheikh Zakzaky as an enemy of Nigeria_


The notion of unity is not strange to countries far and wide, let alone Nigeria – a cosmopolitan state blessed with both human and natural resources. 

I believe that peace is the foundation of every nation’s development as it fosters unity, equality, selfless service and collaboration for the common good of all. 

There is the need for us to decide on a set of standard values that we will live by and nurture for many generations to come.

With misused opportunities in this country having weak governing institutions where people largely and inappropriately rely on sub-optimal indices such as ethnic affiliation, religious links and family ties in the creation, allocation and distribution of resources and values, a country is bound to face disastrous challenges.

From what I know

in light of that, efforts to bridge ethnic divide in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky stick to what he believes as true teachings of Islam, the Sheikh married a Yoruba lady Zeenat Ibraheem, he established an annual programme he named unity week, encourages his disciples to embark on selfless services to their immediate communities in a wide-spread recognition of the need for the unity of the Nigerian people and Africa at large.

Organizations such as the Nigerian Red Cross Society should have come out and tell the world that the disciples of Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky are among the highest donors of blood in the country.

Also , the Christian Association of Nigeria should also tell the Government the level of sacrifice Sheikh Zakzaky made to ensure the safety of Nigerians irrespective of religious beliefs during crises, the famous 2011 post election crises was one among many .

In a write up written by a university Don , Professor Abdullahi Danladi , I was able to understand that on record, Sheikh Zakzaky has narrated a number of times that when he was in Kirikiri prison with some president Shagari’s ministers under the infamous decree two of the unpopular regime of Buhari/Idiagon that there had been discussions on the breakup of Nigeria. 

The Sheikh refused to comment initially, but when they insisted on his opinion, he said left to him, Nigeria should co-opt other neighboring countries and form a larger united country, where we can utilize our rich and different cultures and diversities. 

 The oppressed Sheikh consider National unity as a solidarity within citizens living in a particular geographical area, with minimum sectarian practices and close adherence to law and order. Hence, he believes that unity in the form of ethnic and religious tolerance is an incremental pre-requisite to societal peace.

According to some of his speeches, Sheikh Zakzaky reiterates that unity is essential in maintaining a harmonious and functional society.

On  religious aspects, he believes that there are  differences, and he has maintained that it is not a problem so long as we respect one another’s views and opinions that Islam does not force anyone to accept and practice it. 

Consequently, in his opinion, unity of the people and subsequently societal stability contributes to nation-building. One aspect of nation-building revolves around economic developments which, in extremely simplified terms, may lead to elevated standards of living; and if channeled efficiently by those in authority, it will decrease poverty rate and income disparity thereby benefiting the populace as a whole.

Despite the killings, the persecutions and the imprisonments, the Shia Muslims, in accordance with their leader’s principles, have refused to take up arms, unlike other groups that threaten the unity and peace of the country.

Daily, we receive news updates highlighting vicious threats by many such groups all over the country airing their grievances as well as seeking for redress with their threats and actions, but are they faring any worse than the Shi’a Muslims? We’re talking about a group whose leader has been in and out of prisons at various times over the past decades all due to his stance on

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